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Thoughts about the future of finance and foreign currency transfer.

Blockchain is not just for Bitcoin - it is a digital ledger of transactions

By Michael on

Blockchain sounds like a solution to a 19th-century railway problem, but lately, it’s on the lips of every executive who wants to solve the problem of 21st-century digital transactions. Blockchain technology is a way of recording and storing digital more »

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Ripple Continues to Bring Internet of Value to Life

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When faced with the issues of today’s antiquated cross-border payment system, we often focus on the difficulties of scalability with banks struggling to handle the volume of transactions, causing it to take three to five days to complete. In more »

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Ripple Selected to Participate in the Bank of England FinTech Accelerator’s Exploration

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The Bank of England’s FinTech Accelerator announced that it is conducting a PoC with Ripple to demonstrate cross-border payments and settlement using two different Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems. The goal of this PoC is to showcase the more »

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"...So easy to use compared to the banks"

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"Used FlashFX transfer yesterday. Money is in the Irish bank account this morning. It's so quick compared to the banks. Saved $136 compared to my bank. Awesome stuff. Love the GUI too, so easy to use compared to the more »

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Japan: 47 Banks Complete Ripple Pilot

By Michael on

SBI Ripple Asia announced today that a consortium of 47 banks successfully completed a pilot implementation of Ripple in Japan using a cloud-based payments platform. This platform, RC Cloud, is powered by Ripple’s solution and is the first in more »

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Ripple Supports Efforts to Drive Thoughtful Regulation

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Innovation in banking often results from the convergence of three key domains: financial services, technology, and regulations. The regulatory framework is a crucial aspect of innovation. When crafted in a balanced, proactive way, regulations can directly drive positive innovation and more »

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