How to support loved ones overseas amid the coronavirus lockdown| FlashFX

As the world works to contain the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of us have had to put our upcoming international travel plans on hold. Physical distance from loved ones can feel hard in times of uncertainty, but FlashFX is helping family and friends feel more connected.

Right now what matters is that people can easily move and manage their money around the world to support each other. FlashFX can help.

Support your loved ones overseas…

“Social distancing” and international travel restrictions are preventing Australians from celebrating birthdays, toasting at weddings and sharing hugs with family and friends who live abroad.

This is all happening against a backdrop of economic upheveal, with many of us wondering what effect the coronavirus pandemic will have on our jobs, our mortgages and our bank accounts.

There has never been a better time to show support to those closest to us, and sending money is one way to say "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you". Whether you want to top-up your parents’ bank account for groceries or help your best friend celebrate her birthday, gifting cash may be the thing that someone you know needs most right now.

FlashFX offers secure bank-to-bank overseas money transfers to over 40 countries with competitive exchange rates and no transfer fees.

Make your money go further

The economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc on global financial markets, including the Australian dollar. The AUD now buys just 60 US cents, down from about 70 US cents at the start of the year. Such a large drop could mean hundreds of dollars lost on your international payment.

In this environment it’s especially important that Aussies maximise the value of their overseas money transfer. That’s where FlashFX can help.

FlashFX offers our customers exchange rates that are up to 5.0% cheaper than the Big-4 banks. When transferring 10,000 AUD to USD that’s up to $390 AUD in savings. Plus, we offer handy tools like exchange rate alerts to help you stay on track of currency movements amid the volatility. No hidden transfer fees ensure that more of your money is going to where it should – your recipient’s bank account.

No second-guessing

In these uncertain times it’s important to use an international money transfer provider that you trust. At FlashFX, we take security seriously. Our state-of the-art encryption technology is designed to keep your money and data safe, and we are proud to be among the first companies globally to adopt some of the FATF recommended security approaches.

Want to know more details about where your funds are? Our unique tracking feature lets your follow your money in real-time, so you know exactly when it will arrive.

Support your family and friends from an acceptable social distance today. Create an account at FlashFX and your money can be there within 1-2 business days.