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Australian Dollar suffers from divergent policy outlooks

By Emily Johnson on

It has been a rough few weeks for the Australian dollar. The Aussie has lost nearly 3% versus the US dollar over the past month and many banking analysts are predicting the bad run to continue into 2018. more »

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Aussie dollar gain on French election result

By Tim Strube on

The Australian share market and dollar have been beneficiaries of Emmanuel Macron's victory in the first round of the French presidential election, as the centrist looks increasingly likely to win the run-off. The biggest initial beneficiary of the outcome was more »

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The great currency deception - uncovered

By Tim Strube on

When it comes to foreign currency transfers, especially by consumers and small to medium-sized businesses, what you find are big financial institutions bouncing your money around the world like a pinball from one fee-charging bank to another, using a complex more »

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AUD CAD Exchange Rate Slides after AUD-Damaging Trade Report

By Tim Strube on

The Australian Dollar has dropped against the Canadian Dollar due to a concerning report about AU-US ties. The report looked at Australia’s relationship between the US and China, and the potential difficulties of trying to alter these relationships. With more »

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Fastest, most affordable currency transfers from Australia to Europe

By Tim Strube on

Australian startup FlashFX was designed from the ground up to outperform traditional financial institutions by providing fast, secure and very affordable foreign exchange conversion services as an alternative to the existing opaque, siloed and inefficient banking networks. And it does more »

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The Australian Dollar Forecast to decline over 10%

By Sophie Green on

One of the most significant drivers in currency markets is relative interest rates as investors transfer capital from lower interest rate currency jurisdictions to higher interest rate currencies. Last weeks 25 bps interest rate hike in the United States and more »

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The Australian dollar rallied back to the highs after FOMC

By Nicolas Steiger on

The Australian dollar surged back above the 0.7700 level on Thursday morning, propelled higher by renewed US dollar weakness after yesterday’s US Federal Reserve lifting interest rate by 25 basis points. The gain in the AUD/USD was more »

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Increased AUD buying power on EUR transfers with Eurozone Greek debt worries re-appearing

By Nicolas Steiger on

Since the start of the new year, the Australian Dollar increased by about 5.8% in value compared to the EURO, lingering in the mid 0.72s, as fears that Greece will be forced to crash out of the Eurozone more »

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The Australian dollar - where to next?

By Tim Strube on

The Australian dollar has seen an impressively strong period for the past 2 months, trading from 0.7164 in late December to the current 0.7664 USD per AUD. According to analysts at HSBC, US President Trump has been a more »

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Aussie dollar slump 'knee-jerk' reaction to Fed

By Tim Strube on

Zac Crellin writes in the SMH "Strong hints by the US Federal Reserve that interest rates will rise at a faster pace in 2017 have sent the greenback flying against most major currencies but analysts doubt the Australian dollar more »

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Dollar Pushes to New Highs—With New Risks

By Tim Strube on

The Wall Street Journal reports that the dollar extended its powerful rally, spurring central banks in developing countries to take steps to stabilize their own currencies and threatening to create headwinds for the long-running U.S. expansion. AUD/USD has more »

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Australian dollar down on fear of Trump trade war

By Tim Strube on

The Australian dollar has been bashed amid market concerns about the potential impact of US President-elect Donald Trump’s policies on the Australian economy. At 7am on Monday, the local unit was trading at 75.30 US cents, down sharply more »

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Foreign Exchange News Video

By Tim Strube on

The Aussie dollar is a little firmer over the week, with help from the RBA's steady hand and elevated commodity prices. However, the huge risk from the US elections, with results due in Sydney trade Wednesday The AUD is likely more »

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Aussie Surge May Signal Good Times for the Global Economy

By Tim Strube on

To gauge whether the global economy is finally picking up, take a look at the performance of the Australian dollar since the end of June. The world’s fifth-most traded currency climbed for a third day on Tuesday after the more »

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8 reasons why the Australian dollar didn't fall after the RBA cut rates

By Nicolas Steiger on

Even after a small pullback on Wednesday, the Australian dollar is still higher than where it was trading at before the Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates on Tuesday, taking its official cash rate to a record-low level of 1. more »

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Foreign Exchange Calculator, Real Cost of Money Conversion.

By Nicolas Steiger on

Do you know what the actual foreign exchange money conversion rate is? You probably know what conversion rate your bank is charging you, but did you know there is another "higher" rate known as the market rate? In more »

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