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Currency transfer tips: What expats should consider before sending money home

By Sophie Green on

If you're an expat and need to send money home, you should always consider the best and safest options for currency transfer. We provide some tips. more »

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Are you paying for your banker's $600 lunch?

By Tim Strube on

Big banks are overcharging you by bouncing your money around the globe in a giant shell game while they collect fees and enjoy $600 lunches, on you. In this article, we’ll explore how to stop paying for your banker's more »

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US Dollar suffers worst January in 30 years

By Tim Strube on

The US dollar posted its worst January in three decades after US President Donald Trump and his trade adviser accused Germany, China and Japan of exploiting currencies to gain a trade advantage over the US. The Trump administration’s willingness more »

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24 things expats find surprising about Australian working culture

By Tim Strube on

Australians have a unique set of business etiquette rules in comparison to other business cultures. To mark Australia Day, Business Insider Australia took a look at what expats living in Australia, or returning expats, think of the Australian working culture. more »

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Where to find the world's highest-paid expats

By Tim Strube on

"Expats ranked Switzerland highly for both financial and personal well-being criteria," said Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat. "The combination of high salaries and excellent work culture has placed Switzerland at the top of the careers league more »

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Which countries have the most expensive health insurance for expats?

By Tim Strube on

Complaining about the cost of private health insurance is Australia's national sport. It's not entirely unjustified; premiums this year went up by an average of 5.59%. However, there's one reliable way to make health insurance even more expensive: move more »

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HSBC Ninth Annual Expat Survey: Singapore, New Zealand, Canada

By Tim Strube on

Expat life can be an exciting and challenging experience, often involving a leap into the unknown to test one’s comfort zones. Expats embrace fresh challenges all the time while building their lives, careers and families in many different locations more »

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Australia a winner in war for talent

By Tim Strube on

The world’s highly-skilled immigrants are increasingly living in just four nations: Australia, the US, UK and Canada, according to new World Bank research highlighting the challenges of brain drain for non-English-speaking and developing countries. The rise has come despite more »

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The best places around the world for expats

By Tim Strube on

For the third year in a row, Expat Insider — one of the largest expat surveys worldwide — offers an in-depth analysis of everyday expat life in more than 60 countries across the globe. The newcomer Taiwan has ousted two-time champion Ecuador more »

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