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Thoughts about the future of finance and foreign currency transfer.

Take charge of your foreign exchange transfers and save

By Tim Strube on

Sending money overseas can be confusing and expensive. Let's break it down... and let us show you just how easy it can be. And you can save a lot. FlashFX makes foreign exchange easy, fast and affordable. We provide a more »

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Pew Research Centre reveals what we think makes us Australian

By Tim Strube on

What does it take to be truly Australian? The latest Bureau of Statistics estimates show that 6.7 million Australian residents – just over 28 per cent of the population – were born overseas. Sharing the "customs and traditions" of more »

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The $5 trillion trap - and how to bridge it

By Tim Strube on

Every day around $5 trillion is traded in foreign exchange. While much of it is speculation (trading only for the sake of making a profit), foreign currency transfers are essential to enabling global trade and remittances keep families, and in more »

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Migrants sent over $500 billion home last year.

By Tim Strube on

There are now 244 million people living in a country other than the one they were born in, according to migration figures from the United Nations. Many of those people went overseas to find work, leaving their families behind. For more »

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