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Australian Dollar suffers from divergent policy outlooks

By Emily Johnson on

It has been a rough few weeks for the Australian dollar. The Aussie has lost nearly 3% versus the US dollar over the past month and many banking analysts are predicting the bad run to continue into 2018. more »

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How much cash have you got in your wallet?

By Tim Strube on

Let me guess — your wallet is empty, or it recently was. Ten years ago, anyone who had no cash in their pocket would’ve whispered it. Broke til payday or just broke. Having no cash was a source of shame. more »

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Aussie dollar gain on French election result

By Tim Strube on

The Australian share market and dollar have been beneficiaries of Emmanuel Macron's victory in the first round of the French presidential election, as the centrist looks increasingly likely to win the run-off. The biggest initial beneficiary of the outcome was more »

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Banks to ditch sales incentives to ‘restore trust’

By Tim Strube on

THE toxic sales culture in Australian banks that sees customers saddled with inappropriate financial products may finally be coming to an end. Maybe. All four big banks have committed to winding back the “deep-seated” culture of product-based incentive payments after more »

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ASIC enforcement taskforce recommends tightening bank rules to protect customers

By Nicolas Steiger on

Banks, financial services houses and credit companies will face public naming and shaming over bad behaviour in a suite of major reforms being considered by the Turnbull government. However, the reforms put forward by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission more »

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Bank executive takes over as new chief of the Digital Transformation Agency

By Sophie Green on

Gavin Slater, former NAB executive, will be the new chief executive of the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency. In a statement the Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation Angus Taylor said Slater had a proven track record in driving transformation more »

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Fintech all talk no action in bank competition race

By Nicolas Steiger on

Australia's banking sector is one of the most highly concentrated in the world and the much-hyped arrival of digital disruption has hardly shifted the dial. More competition is not the solution to the housing affordability crisis, but there is no more »

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ASIC’s Greg Medcraft lashes bank ‘oligopoly’

By Nicolas Steiger on

Chairman of the corporate watchdog Greg Medcraft lashed out at the banking “oligopoly” for chipping away at customer trust with sector-wide interest rate hikes out-of-cycle with the Reserve Bank of Australia. “I think every time you do an out-of-cycle increase more »

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5 tips for Australians buying property in Canada

By Tim Strube on

With excessively high real estate prices at home, have you considered purchasing property abroad, say in Canada? Canada welcomes home buyers from all countries, and there are no restrictions on the amount or kind of real estate you can buy. more »

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5 Customer Engagement Best Practices

By Sophie Green on

We can find a hundred articles a day online today about “customer engagement” but to me, a good deal of it sounds like lip service – slick advice about how to appear deeply interested in and connected to your customer, and more »

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AUD CAD Exchange Rate Slides after AUD-Damaging Trade Report

By Tim Strube on

The Australian Dollar has dropped against the Canadian Dollar due to a concerning report about AU-US ties. The report looked at Australia’s relationship between the US and China, and the potential difficulties of trying to alter these relationships. With more »

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Are you paying for your banker's $600 lunch?

By Tim Strube on

Big banks are overcharging you by bouncing your money around the globe in a giant shell game while they collect fees and enjoy $600 lunches, on you. In this article, we’ll explore how to stop paying for your banker's more »

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The Australian Dollar Forecast to decline over 10%

By Sophie Green on

One of the most significant drivers in currency markets is relative interest rates as investors transfer capital from lower interest rate currency jurisdictions to higher interest rate currencies. Last weeks 25 bps interest rate hike in the United States and more »

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The Australian dollar rallied back to the highs after FOMC

By Nicolas Steiger on

The Australian dollar surged back above the 0.7700 level on Thursday morning, propelled higher by renewed US dollar weakness after yesterday’s US Federal Reserve lifting interest rate by 25 basis points. The gain in the AUD/USD was more »

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Discussing Trends in Global Payments at the GCC Financial Forum

By Tim Strube on

Hundreds of international financiers, business leaders and policymakers from around the world gathered in Bahrain to discuss the future of financing at last week’s sixth annual GCC Financial Forum, writes Amy Hirth for Ripple Insights. Watch the video here. more »

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European Central Bank to Trump: 'We Are Not Currency Manipulators'

By Tim Strube on

The European Central Bank rejected U.S. accusations of currency manipulation on Monday and warned that deregulating the banking industry, now being openly discussed in Washington, could sow the seeds of the next financial crisis. ECB President Mario Draghi said more »

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Foreign Exchange, primer

By Tim Strube on

Every day around $5 trillion is traded in foreign exchange. While much of it is speculation (trading for the sake of making a profit), foreign currency transfers are essential to enabling global trade. There are many factors driving foreign currency more »

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