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The value of choice, control & transparency

International money transfer services and banks around the world continue to trap consumers with opaque and overpriced exchange rates.

For too long the foreign exchange industry has profited in the shadows. It has never served the remitters’ best interests to provide transparency to their customers. Like a puppet being manipulated by the puppeteers’ strings, the banking industry has confined customers to an expensive service model with no options. No control.

Fortunately, that’s changing. Enter FlashFX.

Our platform is an enhanced international remittance application that helps consumers move funds rapidly, autonomously and less expensively than the traditional correspondent bank mechanisms.

We leverage the power of the innovative Ripple’s payment protocol technology to enable consumers to personalize their foreign exchange rates.

FlashFX empowers consumers with the most valuable asset: control.

Whether you are a foreign exchange novice, a specialist or just need your funds to reach a recipient as soon as possible, FlashFX accommodates your specific remittance needs. FlashFX offers control in three groundbreaking ways:

1) tracking of funds in real-time

2) choice of when & how you exchange currency and

3) complete fee transparency.

Let’s explore the benefits of control.

Money Tracking

In the shadow game of international wire remittances, funds rarely travel a straight path from point A to point B. Instead, the senders’ money travels a labyrinthine route through multiple correspondent banks, all skimming a fee along the way.

Additionally, international transactions inherently take longer to settle (days at a time). But the transaction can be further delayed if the bank has weak correspondent relationships in the recipient country. Meanwhile, the customer is left in the dark as their funds literally bounce around the world.

FlashFX shatters this convention by providing logistical transparency every step of the way. With a unique order-tracking facility, FlashFX users can monitor their transfer of funds with the same ease they could track a parcel through the mail. This feature enables customers to transact with more security and control. Also, because FlashFX integrates Ripple’s payment protocol technology, all transactions settle in a day, two at most.

Through Flash FX, you achieve a better peace of mind knowing exactly where your money is, where it’s going and that it will reach the recipient faster.

Rate Personalization

Unlike banks and other remitters, FlashFX empowers users to select their preferred rate. Senders can choose between a more favorable prevailing rate, a time-specific conversion date, or enter a limit order, which converts currencies when they reach their desired exchange rate.

Whether you have an emergency need to wire funds to a loved one, anticipate a more favorable conversion rate or a specific date or have been watching the FOREX markets and think your exchange rate will reach a more attractive level, the benefit of control is clear.

The new universe of wire transfer alternatives offered by FlashFX empowers money senders with a level of personalization that the establishment has deliberately neglected. Now, the consumer controls the fate of their funds.

Fee Transparency

This last key benefit is the equivalent of blasphemy to the traditional consumer FX providers. That's where traditional foreign exchange retailers make their money. On top of the standard $30 dollar transaction fee that these operations charge, a myriad of hidden fees are included in the rates offered to their customers. The average bank charges over 5% on the entire transaction amount.

That’s an additional 5% on every dollar sent… Let that sink in for a second.

These high fees are the product of customer funds flowing through an arbitrary and complex web of correspondent banks before they arrive in the recipient account. From a consumer experience perspective, this process makes no sense. In fact, it’s pure graft.

FlashFX changes all of that.

The FlashFX platform provides complete transparency about the cost and logistics of every wire transfer and currency conversion. We are upfront about every fee included in our spreads. FlashFX pulls no punches. We give the user full control and full transparency over every dollar they spend when sending money.

FlashFX is a foreign exchange transfer service that puts customers first. Now, that’s refreshing.

FlashFX empowers remittance customers with the ability to personalize transactions. The power of personalization enables users of all stripes to maximize the value of their money. From emergencies to strategic business or personal international currency maneuvers, FlashFX is signaling an end to old legacy transfer models.

Skip the bank and take back control. With FlashFX, you are finally in the driver’s seat. Choose FlashFX for your foreign exchange transfers.

That’s the value of control.

You’ve given away enough money, so let's get started and signup.

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