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Got the Winter Blues?

You know winter is around the corner when... you spend your weekends watching footy, cold-water wetsuits become mandatory for that morning surf and your drink of choice is now Shiraz, not aperol spritz.

While Australian winter certainly has its perks, not everyone is cheering the arrival of colder weather and shorter days. If you are chasing an endless summer then Europe is a great destination this time of year.

But booking a last-minute trip to Europe can come at a real cost to your bank account. While it’s unlikely you’ll avoid peak prices this late in season, FlashFX can help you stretch those overseas holiday dollars.

Fees and exchange rate margins are two areas where Australians overpay when travelling overseas. These costs are triggered any time you use your Australian bank or credit card at a foreign ATM or with an overseas vendor, and can cost you up to 5% of the purchase. Over the course of a long holiday this can really add up!

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Minimising international money transfer costs can pay dividends to your holiday budget. It can start before you even leave the country. Once you have found your hotel, contact them about arranging payment via a direct bank transfer rather than by card. You may be surprised to find that they do.

Then, use an online money transfer specialist like FlashFX to send fund direct to the hotel’s bank account. This will avoid any unnecessary foreign transaction fees and can save you money. With our bank-beating exchange rates, using FlashFX to transfer money online will help your Aussie dollars go further. Check out our exchange rate calculator to see how much foreign currency your money will buy.

While time might not be on your side, there are still ways for you to get some last-minute savings for your European getaway. Check out the Flash Foward blog for more tips on how using an online money transfer service can help you save on unwanted currency exchange fees and conversion costs when travelling.

Thinking overseas? Think FlashFX. Sign up today to start saving.

Enjoy a Royal Wedding Overseas

For some newly engaged Australian couples, getting married in a castle in the UK might seem like an impossible fairytale. But having your perfect overseas wedding is completely achievable if you manage your budget carefully and learn some money-saving tricks.