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Sign up. Send us your details. You're ready to start using FlashFX in 5 minutes or less.

We'll just need a few of your details so we can ensure your money's being sent safely. Don't worry, we'll only ever ask you for these details once.
Sign up with your email and password
Upload a photo ID and a proof of address document e.g. your drivers licence and a utility bill.
Once we've verified your details you have a FlashFX account and can start sending money straight away!

Setup your transaction and send

Tell us how much money you'd like to send, in what currency, and who'll be receiving the funds. We just need their full name, location and bank details.
Deposit funds from your bank account to FlashFX.
Send your money in a flash

Or wait for the rate you want comes up and send later.

TIP : You can upload any amount to your FlashFX account so it’s ready to send at the rate you want. We’ll hold it safely for you until you’re ready to send it.

Track your money in the FlashFX Dashboard

Open the FlashFX Dashboard
Follow your money in real time as it gets to who you’re sending it to. Sending EUR? Then you can expect your transfer to be instant.
Come back anytime to see your transactions in progress or your history.

Want to see what's under the hood?

FlashFX uses Ripple, the world's most advanced money transfer technology. Ripple is a secure internet protocol that allows unrivalled speed and security, which means your money gets to where you want it faster, safer and cheaper.

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