How FlashFX works ?

FlashFX gives control
of foreign currency transfer back to you,
where it should’ve always been.
Here's how:

We let you track
your money every
step of the way.

We show you,
transparently and clearly,
what the costs are.

We let you choose when
you'd like your currency to
be converted.

3 Easy Steps to Transfer

Sign up

Account setup is free, easy, and takes less than five minutes. Identity verification will be required.

Add funds to your account

FlashFX transfers happen fast
– which means you need to make sure you have funds available in your FlashFX account before you can make a transfer.

Transfer in a flash

You choose where the money is going, You lock in a transfer rate, and you execute.

Use the FlashFX dashboard to track your money.

Sound too good
to be true?