You’re sending exactly

based on the current rate they'll get

Set to send when the rate is going your way.
We all know foreign currency rates fluctuate.
Instead of being at the mercy of those movements, make them work for you.

Choose the rate you'd like and whether you'd like the transfer to be automated (if you'd like to).
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For illustrative purposes only. This is no indication of future price movements.

We're regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC

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FlashFX puts you in control.
Automate your international money transfer.
That’s the power of control. That’s the power of FlashFX.
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Seeing is believing, right?

So see how we are different for yourself.

Nicolas Steiger

Has spent a long time in banking, all over the world.

Is focused on ensuring your transfers are a quick and seamless experience.

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Michael O’Sullivan

Loves finance tech. Loves people

Loves making finance tech that actually works for people.

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